Thank you for volunteering as a Room Representative!!  As a Room Rep, you will serve as an important contact person between the PTA, your Teacher and the other parents in your classroom.
Below you will find some information and ideas that will help you and your fellow room rep team members throughout the year:
You must be an approved volunteer.
Any individual interested in volunteering in SLCUSD schools is required by the district to complete an online application.  All volunteers are required to fill out or update their application yearly.  Please contact the office as soon as possible to get more information on volunteer eligibility.
Room Parent Duties:
Room reps serve as the critical liaison between the teacher and other class parents.  Be sure to talk to your teacher about what he/she would like to see from a room parent.  Depending on your teacher's preferences, your duties may include:
  • Communicating about class parties and events.
  • Communicating about and assisting with school-wide events, such as helping with the Fall Carnival and the class room basket for the Silent/Live Auction in the Spring.
  • Possible teacher requests for classroom for help, such as helping to prepare classroom projects.